Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swan Sightings

So Rachel has left back for home. And this is the tribute post for all times we had. To the crazy nights we had, "Let`s walk in a straight line with the mambo in it." "I love you." "La Concha tu madre." To brushing our teeth together in the mornings....and you ALWAYS forgetting your toothbrush on the sink. To the boys that we met, and the dancing we partook in. Hip hop culture club will be done solo tonight and who will laugh at my "ugly" face to incessant guys? To the youtube videos we giggled over. "Doesn`t bother me any?" And who will "I work out" with? Our laughter filling up hallways, streets, bars and Buenos Aires. Big Bad B.A. was awesome with you!

And of course this is our favorite day. January 15th with the largest attendance anyone has ever seen. :)

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