Monday, March 26, 2012

The white winter wonderland

Its interesting to see the difference between the summery photos of Argentina and the snow-laden photos of Alaska. I have made it back to little old Fairbanks with a fading tan and memories of my adventures in South America. But alas, I can now strive towards my next traveling escapades in the ever-enticing European countries.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Drinking Argentinean women.....and me. :)

Argentinean women are renowned as some of the most beautiful in the world and my Argentinean girlfriends prove it to be true. I met these lovely ladies at my hostel and they are all students here in Buenos Aires. This picture was taken after we went to an all-you-can-drink bar in Belgrano. I had about one and a half cups while these ladies had between 4, 6 and 10 cups respectively. Crazy, funny, caring and daring....these women are all of those. :)

Cristina Kirchner is one cool cat.

Apparently on Sundays it is free to see the Casa Rosada which is the Argentinean equivalent to the white house; so a friend and I headed down to check it out! It was so beautiful and rich. There was golden plating, an open courtyard, a red velvet personal elevator, great pieces of art and more in this huge architectural icon.

The tour was about an hour long and included all the important rooms such as Cristina`s office, the announcement room, the publicity room etc. I really enjoyed one of the hallways which was lined with caricatures of past presidents from newspapers and such. It shows that the government in Argentina has a sense of humor. I recommend anyone coming to Buenos Aires to hit up this fun AND free tour.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swan Sightings

So Rachel has left back for home. And this is the tribute post for all times we had. To the crazy nights we had, "Let`s walk in a straight line with the mambo in it." "I love you." "La Concha tu madre." To brushing our teeth together in the mornings....and you ALWAYS forgetting your toothbrush on the sink. To the boys that we met, and the dancing we partook in. Hip hop culture club will be done solo tonight and who will laugh at my "ugly" face to incessant guys? To the youtube videos we giggled over. "Doesn`t bother me any?" And who will "I work out" with? Our laughter filling up hallways, streets, bars and Buenos Aires. Big Bad B.A. was awesome with you!

And of course this is our favorite day. January 15th with the largest attendance anyone has ever seen. :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Park Lovers

Rachel and I have spent a large majority of our days lounging around in parks. The greenery has a calming effect and it seems like we can have never-ending blissful conversations. And a nice benefit is the tans we recieve. :) Rachel also particularly enjoys feeding the swans and pigeons.

Rachel has arrived!

Rachel and I have been painting the town red. There is nothing more fun than sharing culture with your best friend in a foreign country. Both being adventurous, we end up going out most nights and we are successfully on Buenos Aires time. B.A. time means going out until at least 6 in the morning and waking up around 12 or 1 in the afternoon. There is always such a diverse crowd when we go out. For example we met an Italian DJ, an Argentinean lawyer and a Columbian student last night. Cheers to having good health, great fun and an amazing best friend!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I would recommend the veal with a bottle of merlot 2006.

So I got a job working at a luxury restaurant and I absolutely love it. We get a gourmet meal before work, with fresh juice and dessert. The people I work with are a delight: young, hip and funny. And to finish the day off, we get gourmet snacks and money for our day`s work. I couldnt think of a better ending, could you? Here I am dressed for work.