Sunday, December 25, 2011

I would recommend the veal with a bottle of merlot 2006.

So I got a job working at a luxury restaurant and I absolutely love it. We get a gourmet meal before work, with fresh juice and dessert. The people I work with are a delight: young, hip and funny. And to finish the day off, we get gourmet snacks and money for our day`s work. I couldnt think of a better ending, could you? Here I am dressed for work.

Monday, December 19, 2011

My wallet`s enemy.

This dress was almost 600 U.S. dollars.....Therefore my enjoyment of it started and ended with the dressing room. But boy oh boy would it be fun to float about in this beauty. A person should better float if the dress costs that much. I must say, the design and colors were very unique and it is one of my favorite pieces that I`ve stumbled across in Buenos Aires.

This is what an Architecture school of design should look like!

So Kristen and I were walking around Recoleta and we stumbled upon this University of Infrastructure and Design. This building was massive and very poorly lit. But somehow the latter just added to its appeal. We enjoyed getting lost on never-ending staircases.

Elina and Elena and Sara

So I met these lovely ladies named Elena and Sara at my hostel and they were a hoot and half! This pair was comedy-team gold. They hailed from Italy (originally) but live in Texas and New York. Their one-liners and loving bickering were my source of endless amusement. They left for home a few days ago and the room has never been quieter..... And the fourth girl is Kristen, another very fun roommate.

Terrace Del Este

So a few nights ago I went to this very neat place called Terrace Del Este for a party. This place was pretty cool, it had about 10 different rooms/sections as well as a beautiful terrace. The best part? Watching the sunrise with a bunch of rowdy Portenos. The photos are of new Argentinean friends and my roommate Kristen.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Characters make life fun.

So this man is definitely the epitome of cool. With his vest, long straight gray hair, neat shoes, mate gourd. And to finish it off, that innate confidence, the best thing you can accessorize yourself with. While I never aspire to be a cool older guy in Buenos Aires, I do hope I have a similar feminine vibe in my 60`s.


I was in San Telmo, watching some very good street performers and than I saw her. This little girl who I presume has a serious illness and she was just radiant. She was with her poppa just dancing in his arms. Dancing freely and energetically to the beautiful sounds around her. It was mind-boggling her aura, her presence. Once my eyes found her, I had a hard time tearing them away. Here I was surrounded by about 100 people, a live band and all I could focus on was this precious little girl. She was just delighting in a simple pleasure; feeling the music around her. And than I looked away for one moment and they were gone. I searched the crowds to no avail. Just an angel that I happened to see.......

The day of freebies.

So my day began with a free breakfast at my hostel, than I went to the subway and alas there was a sign that all was free because it was the national day of transportation (as I gathered it.). There was something very rebellious-feeling by walking through these usually well-supervised gates. I still felt suspicious and eyed the guards but each just innocently smiled at me. Than to my delight, I recieved a free hug from two people in a very exclusive club called "Free hugs". I must say, those were some very good hugs; tight but not leaving me gasping for air, long but not so long that I was feeling uncomfortable. I think they must have gone to a hugging school because they seemed very well-informed about the science of a good hug. I believe a bachelors in abrazos.

P.S. The first sign says "free hugs" and the second says "today the trip is free".

They say the best things in life are free.....well I have got to say hugs and free subway rides in Buenos Aires are some of the best things in life. :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

El Tigre was an absolute delight to get to see and experience. While its still in the province of Buenos Aires, its not considered part of the city. This town is centered around a grand river called El Tigre (hence the name of the town eh?) and I believe most inhabitants equate a good evening with a stroll along the beautifully landscaped riverside.

The walk ends at a massive museum with a little courtyard. I must say it was nice to escape the city`s consistent noise and flow for a river flow.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I want to tango my socks off!

Boy oh boy, you can imagine just from these pictures how passionate and intimate the dancing in Argentina is. The couples are always well-dressed and matching. So far the most popular dance here is Tango, but the folk dancers are also very energetic and interesting to watch. And those billowy pants are quite the fashion statement. :)

The dance of tango is one of sweet sadness......Tango began in brothels (of Argentina) and therefore has seedy connotations but after it was made popular in Europe, it made its way back to Argentina with gusto. Story tells it, that men even used to dance the tango together while waiting their turn for a prostitute......But now, the dance has a magical hold over its audiences attention. Luckily I get to be the audience quite often to street tango dancers particulary in the San Telmo and La Boca neighborhoods. When you have a chance, youtube a traditional tango dance, its riveting the flow of movements; particulary the woman`s leg flicks.

The first photos are of a more traditional folk Argentinean dancer......The third photo is of two street tango dancers.....looks as if they are in a lovers spat.

Who can resist Argentinean men?

While there are beautiful people all over the world, Argentineans have a special sizzle. The women have curvy bodies, thick long hair and amazing bone structures. The men are charmers with their lean bodies, wavy longer locks and soulful eyes. Some of my favorite little moments include catching eyes with a beautiful stranger and gazing at him longer than is necessary. Be bold and do it, the exhilaration that swirls inside is worth it. :)

It`s any young woman`s dream to be surrounded by so much eye candy....and luckily I get to live that dream.

Botanical Garden in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am in love with the greenery of this park. As with all botanical gardens it has its share of beautiful flowers and lush plants, but the super tall trees (dont quite remember the names unfortunately.....) are the creme de la creme that make this my woodsy haven. Somehow all my fellow city dwellers seem to destress; they walk more calmly, gaze around in wonder, pause to smell the flowers. And these are typically people who cant be bothered on the subway, practically run down sidewalks and consistently have a worried look on their face. I think we can all agree, here in Buenos Aires, that this is a favorite among other parks.

Buenos Aires is my latin Seattle......

The famous Obelisco of Buenos Aires......I absolutely love the movement of people around this monument. The people-watching allows you to see pretentious Palermo folks, homeless people from the centre, the business men from Puerto Madero, the well-dressed older folks of Recoleta and the rest of the lovely Portenos that call Buenos Aires home.