Sunday, December 11, 2011

I want to tango my socks off!

Boy oh boy, you can imagine just from these pictures how passionate and intimate the dancing in Argentina is. The couples are always well-dressed and matching. So far the most popular dance here is Tango, but the folk dancers are also very energetic and interesting to watch. And those billowy pants are quite the fashion statement. :)

The dance of tango is one of sweet sadness......Tango began in brothels (of Argentina) and therefore has seedy connotations but after it was made popular in Europe, it made its way back to Argentina with gusto. Story tells it, that men even used to dance the tango together while waiting their turn for a prostitute......But now, the dance has a magical hold over its audiences attention. Luckily I get to be the audience quite often to street tango dancers particulary in the San Telmo and La Boca neighborhoods. When you have a chance, youtube a traditional tango dance, its riveting the flow of movements; particulary the woman`s leg flicks.

The first photos are of a more traditional folk Argentinean dancer......The third photo is of two street tango dancers.....looks as if they are in a lovers spat.

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  1. "Fire on her waist fire in her thighs I love the scandal. She's so dangerous"
    -Ying Yang twins.